We offer a range of car detailing services, guaranteed better than the rest. Our core services include:



You might have been planning a trip or holiday but your scratched, bumped and/or dented car is not allowing you to do so.
Well, here comes the answer to all your problems, your one-stop-shop for all car detailing services.
With our exterior car cleaning services, your car look all shiny and brand new, just like you’ve bought a fresh piece. We also have the best tyre dressing service to complement the entire look.
And with our car interior cleaning services which include but are not limited to car seat cleaning services, your car will feel and smell brand new as well.
To complete the look and feel of a brand new car, our full car detailing includes tyre dressing service which adds to the elegance of your car.

Our full car detailing includes car interior cleaning services as well
as exterior car cleaning services like:


We know that dull headlights can impair your vision so we have advanced cleaning tools for them also. Our highlight restoration includes
refinishing of old lenses in your car that might have gone all dusty and blurry with the passage of time.


When you travel via car you spend too much time driving or sitting, you definitely eat or drink. Small particles, leftovers and wrappers create a mess. You drop things or forget empty bottles. Avoiding such practice is a good option but if it’s already done then we can rescue you from this messy situation we have interior cleaning and car seat cleaning services that allows you to sit at your place and relax. As we offer interior cleaning thoroughly.

Our car interior cleaning services includes:

  • Vacuum Seats and Carpets
  • Interior Door Panels Cleaned
  • Interior Deodorized
  • Ash Trays Cleaned
  • Door Rubbers Treated
  • Mats Detailed
  • Roof Lining Spot Cleaned
  • Door Panels Cleaned
  • Seats, Carpets
  • Vacuumed and Shampooed


Are you forgetting about your car’s appearance like how it looks from outside? Make it look classy. Give us your time and we’ll give your car a perfect shine. Make people think you’ve bought a fresh piece from the showroom.

Our exterior car cleaning services with wash-wax and polishing includes:

  • Power Pressure Spray
  • Detergent Exterior Wash
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • High-Pressure Rinse
  • Chamois Dry