Our car detailing includes the following steps;

• STEP 1


Our first step is Interior Detailing which is handled by the experts, the process includes;

1. We take all the mats and rubbish out.
2. Lay plastic sheets on the dashboard.
3. Spray, wash and deep clean the upholstery and surface.

• STEP 2


Exterior Detailing is also performed by the experts in our team, the process includes;

1. The exterior of the car is power washed.
2. It is then painted according to our customer’s preferable color.
3. Then comes the polishing part where it gets that shiny look that makes it new.
4. Waxing comes in the end which acts as a firm protection sheet over the polished surface.

• STEP 3


It requires skills and experience because Tyre Dressing is not an easy job. Our trained workers know how to get the job done in the following steps;
1. First comes the rough cleaning that only takes the dirt off
2. Then comes the Tyre Dressing part where some non-toxic chemicals are sprayed to rest.
3. A power wash is used to take off all the dirt and mud to give your tyres a shiny glow.

• STEP 4


Engine Bay Cleaning requires some experienced workers because it might cause a fuse or damage in your car if handled in wrong hands. Our experts go through the following steps;
1. Delicate parts are covered safely to avoid any kind of damage.
2. Soap, scrub and power wash with hand cleaning is used.