1What makes wax and paint different?
Polishing is something that has an oily texture attained from the paints whereas wax is something that gives a glow and acts as a firm layer over paint and polish.
2What is the benefit of getting your car detailed?
Car detailing makes your car look all fresh and newly bought. It is time-saving, cost beneficial and also gives comfort to people who sit in your car.
3I spilled some coffee in my car, can you help me fix the odor?
You don’t have to worry because we are here to rescue you from such kind of issues. We have interior car detailing available to help you.
4Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we do accept credit cards.
5What sort of cars do you work with?
Our services are available for all kind of cars.
6Do you use harmful chemicals or acids?
No, we don’t use any harmful chemicals or acids in our detailing process. it could carry some after effects and that Is why these things are prohibited in our cleaning.